The ARISTOTLE scientific products are all collected and made available to all Hazard Leaders and Hazard Members on a Scientific Products Archiving and Document Assembly (SPADA) simple IT platform.
SPADA has these primary functionalities:

  • Collecting all the scientific products of importance for the HL assessment of the event:
  • Facilitating the HLs in the preparation of the multi-hazard reports by providing a single, shared point of access of the information available.
  • Maintaining track, archive and log the information available and the reporting provided to ERCC. SPADA makes use of Wiki functionalities to facilitate the assembly of the reports.

The products are obtained through web services or other APIs provided by either ARISTOTLE member and/or other external scientific institutions.
Currently it has been selected the Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware web application platform, customized and maintained by INGV.

Test cases

The test cases reports agreed with ERCC are:

  1. Severe weather Test Case – Tropical storm affecting Samoa (21st April 2016)
  2. Volcanic hazard Test Case – Eyjafjallajökull (14th April 2010)
  3. Earthquake-Tsunami Test Case – Tohoku (11th April 2011)
  4. Flooding hazard Test Case – Southeastern Europe (May 2014)